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Gorillas, Elephants and Tourists – Oh my!

On return from Cameroon, we had one day to pack up and hit the road once more.  This time to Bayanga, for something we never imagined we would do while within the borders of Central Africa – a bona fide, touristy vacation.

We drove 15 hours to Dzanga-Sangha National Park on the Sangha river and stayed at an old hunting lodge in the middle of pristine rain forest.  The roads were brutal but it was totally worth it.  We waded through a swamp full of elephant poo and braved swarms of sweat bees to see forest elephants digging for salt.  Later, we followed pygmy trackers and spent some time with a gorilla family in the wild.  And we ate the best food I’ve had to date in all of Central African Republic.  Even got a few good pictures as well.

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