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After an exhausting move, we’re finally installed and up and running. The demolition of the old Bethel is fully underway, and the place is hardly recognizable.  We’re also enjoying the visit of Nadine and Michelle, bethelites from France, who are training our Kitchen and Housekeeping crews.

Love to all,


One Response to “Metamorphosis”

  1. Grandma & Aunt Amy says:

    Hi Joel and Jes !
    We rejoice with all of you that you are in your new Bethel Home ! 🙂 What a treat to see all the smiling faces. You have a right to be a “little” proud of your labor of love and we are sure that Jehovah is very pleased too.
    We miss you so much and wish we could be there to give you both a big hug. Much affection, Grandma Marilyne and Aunt Amy ( love the bugs ! 🙂 )