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And we’re back!

After an unintentional six week sabbatical, we are back online.  We were using a free web host, and well, it seems like you have to pay for reliability.  Go figure.  Thank goodness we had a backup.  Hopefully, there are no more bugs in the system.

Enjoy the pictures below.  There are a few from our construction cleanup (only three weeks to go before the big move!) and one at the end of a gathering where all the young people in our hall were invited to Bethel to enjoy the Young People Ask video.  Also, meet Manley our newest construction volunteer (who by the way sends a big “Hello” to all his friends and family back home).

4 Responses to “And we’re back!”

  1. Alex & Ezequiel says:

    Hi Joel and Jes, How are you?

    The work that you are doing is amazing. I love all the pictures.

    We miss you guys.

    We are all doing good here in Wood-Ridge, NJ (remember us 🙂

    Jayden is already 2 years-old and he commments at every meeting for the most part. The first thing he tells me as we are leaving home…”mami comentario”.

    Take care guys and may Jehovah continue to bless all of your hard work.

    Love,De La Rosa Family

  2. Jasmine & Everyone says:


    It looks like an amazing project with all the smiling faces and hard work!! Keep it up! Here’s a big “Hello” for Manley from everyone back home in Canada. We all wish we were with you there in the amazing C.A.R. and can’t wait to hear all of the amazing stories! We miss you!!

    It’s easy to see Jehovah blessing you all and your hard work. It’s very encouraging to see and hear about 🙂

    Love from Everyone,


  3. Mom says:


    We just returned from our convention. We missed so much, having you with us. The pictures are wonderful, so glad you took up my love of taking pictures. They are incredible.

    We think of you everyday and miss you.

    Love, mom

  4. Jerry & Claudia Hansler says:

    Greetings from Canada! Thank you very much for the update! Looks like the doors are still hanging….really looks great. We can see that Jehovah is blessing the project. Miss you all

    Jerry & Claudia