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June update

Here you’ll see we moved out the last container from on site – an interesting experience to say the least.

2 Responses to “June update”

  1. Walter Szarszewski says:

    I am glad you are back as I really do enjoy the site,your descriptions of African life are precious,also reading about the brothers and sister is really inspiring.


  2. Grandma & Aunt Amy says:

    Hello Joel and Jes,

    Welcome back!
    The pictures are great, especially the panorama of the new buildings, taken from on top of the tank :).

    We are really impressed by how much all of you have accomplished in such a short time, and we know you and the Bethel family are eager to move in and enjoy the “fruits of your labor”.

    We are looking forward to seeing pictures when you start using the facility. We just love seeing all the smiling faces of our dear brothers and sisters there 🙂

    Much Love Always, Grandma,Grandpa, Dorianne & Amy & Terry