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The Refugees of Zinga and Mongoumba

About 100 miles south of Bangui sit the refugee camps of Zinga and Mongoumba.  It is difficult to estimate the numbers of people living in these two camps, but recent reports estimate about 16,000, all of whom took to flight a few months ago when a feud broke out between two tribes over fishing rights to a pond.  Outside mediation failed and the situation descended into traditional violence.  When reports of the violence reached neighboring villages, they didn’t wait to see what would happen; they have been through this before.  Everyone grabbed what they could carry and headed for safety across the Oubangui river, in the Central African Republic.

Among the mass of people are 19 of our brothers at Zinga and 22 in Mongoumba.  I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

See how the fish is eaten – Jes was a real pro.

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  1. Ken and Nancy Hanson says:

    Thank you for the latest-we do appreciate all you send. We look forward to reading about your experiences.