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Zone Overseer Visit

From February 4th to the 9th we enjoyed a visit from Richard and Peggy, branch coordinator from Germany. A zone overseer is basically a circuit overseer but for branches. He visits with the bethel family, gives encouraging talks and a general check up on our operations. The week before and during their visit bethel became a frenzy of activity, here are just some of the highlights. . .

After a whirlwind week we received a last minute surprise, our new Sango song books arrived the last day of the zone visit! That same night was also our Monday evening Watchtower study. We wanted to waste no time in singing the new songs so, before the study we all went home to practice. Brother Richard said it sounded like we’d already been singing them for ever. We were so enthused that we sang another new one after his closing talk to the bethel family. It was like the he’d planned a going away gift for us, especially when we found out they’d been printed in Germany!

We’ve already memorized are first new song in Sango, which wasn’t hard considering that the family sings them while they work all day long. Being far far away sometimes means we’re not in the loop as much as we’d like to be but, we know it doesn’t mean we’re forgotten. The brothers here have learned to have lots and lots of patience and because of it, they have lots and lots of joy.

Love to all,

J & j

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